5th Annual Narrative Poetry Contest WINNERS!

Winners of our 5th annual Narrative Poetry Contest were chosen by Susan Deer Cloud.
All winners, finalists and semi-finalists will be published in the Winter 2014 issue of Naugatuck River Review.


First Prize ($1000): 
Woodland Refuge    Margaret Bobalek King 

Second Prize ($250):
Christmas Eve 2011 After Taking Yu Troung to Radiation, Christmas Eve 2012 After Learning He Passed  
Lindsay Wilson 

Third Prize ($100):
BLISS IN CAPETOWN, 1921    M.J. Oliver 

“Married but Separated: Prayer”   Catherine Arra 
“Digging Grave”    Jerry Brunoe  
“Last Chorus”    Joanne Clarkson
“What Fernando Saw”   Ben Gunsberg 
“Fisherman’s Knot”  Ross Howerton  
“The Journey”     Hayley Hughes 
“Another Episode in the Annals of Shame”    Lynne Knight 
“Blue Balls”   Raul Palma  
“June First   Matt Pasca 
“Beets”    Linda Neal Reising
“Hoarder”   Val Dering Rojas 
“Heartbroken Gorilla”    Scott Ruescher 
“Two Approaches to Gardening”    David Sloan 
“Bones”    Dina Stander 
“Uncle”    Will Stockton 
“UC Berkeley, Sproul Plaza, May 1969″   Joanna White 
“In the Checkout Line at the Health Food Market”  Claire Zoghb


“Runner”   Hal Ackerman  
“Profiled”   David Anderson  
“Morning Weight”    John Victor Anderson  
“Career Advice”   Lucile Barker  
“What I Could”    Eric Berlin
“Summer Song”     Susan Berlin  
“The Letter”   Michelle Castleberry
“Shelter”   Sharon Charde  
“I am Twenty-Four”  Diane Dolphin  
“Where the Old Woman Sings”   Phillip Egelston
“Night Shift”   Donna Fleischer
“At the Bar Mitzvah”   Rebecca Fremo
“The Mojo Network”  Michael Gaspeny  
“Birthday Lament”     Fran Isaacs Gilmore
“After Strange Gods”    George Held
“Cold Snap”   Marian Kent  
“Parish at Orleans”  Lisa Drnec Kerr  
“A Close Family”   Howard J. Kogan  
“You”   Cheryl Anne Latuner
“Hubris, First Tuesday in November”  Issa Lewis  
“Scars”     Christina Lovin  
“Tumah”  Susan Mardinly
“Pals”     Matt Miller
“One the Miami Beach Boardwalk”    Joel Moskowitz
“Kimona”  Rebecca Hart Olander
“At Keats’ Grave”   Andrea Potos
“Wedding Gift”    Peg Robarchek
“Scones”   Wendy Green Simpson
“Frenchman Beach, Jamaica”   Liz Solms  
“Porcupine Creek Trail”    Matthew J. Spireng
“Omphalos at Anemi”    Christina Svane 
 “Near Another Wild Heaven”  Jacqueline Welsh
“Voice Mail, Wrong Number”   Anne Harding Woodworth  


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