Naugatuck River Review 9th Annual Narrative Poetry Contest Results!

Naugatuck River Review 9th Annual Narrative Poetry Contest Results:
Our judge this year was Kaveh Akbar. Congratulations to all the poets!
1st prize won $1000, 2nd prize won $250, 3rd prize won $100

All winners, finalists and semi-finalists will be published in the Winter/Spring 2018 contest issue of Naugatuck River Review, issue 19.

First Prize – Gail Thomas for “Wisteria”
Second Prize – Scott Beal for “Dedicated to Neda and All Who Died”
Third Prize – Aaron Fischer for “Lives of the Saints”


Christine Beck  – “Two Characters in Search of a Story”
Terry Blackhawk – “A Springfield Ghazal”
Jeff Buddle – “Music in the Ashes”
Kathleen Corcoran “Family Fevers”
Anthony Dipietro – Wedding at Desert Princess Country Club, Cathedral City, CA”
Robbie Gamble – “Memo to the Border Patrol agent who poured out the water we left in the desert”
Susan Glassmeyer – “Biology 101”
Judy Kaber – “Where I Live”
Ashton Kamburoff – “Revising the Hexes”
David Meischen – “After a season without”
Sarah Merrow – “Bicycling Sharpsburg in July 2016”
Terri Muuss – “Chopping Wood”
Matt Pasca – “For Harriet, on the Eve of Surgery”
Joan Roberta Ryan – “Get your Licks on Rte 66”
Ellen McGrath Smith “Pink Afternoon”
David Sullivan – “Oracle Shells”
Gerald Yelle – “Morning Song for Robert J”


Janet Bowdan – “My cousin and the Kama Sutra Chocolates”
Lisa Marie Brodsky – “The Clear-Headed Lobotomy” 
Zoe Canner – “A Verdict”
Beth Copeland – “Second Sight”
Robert Eastwood – “Elbeth”
Nancy Fowler – “Tet Eve Wandering”
M.G. DeNike Gannon – “Deicing the Plane”
D.G. Geis – “Psalm 152”
Constance Hanstedt – “The Bath”
Gloria Heffernan – “Reading a Life”
Dianna Henning – “Where Have all the Fishermen Gone?”
Christine Higgins – “Imagine”
Jeanne Julian – “The Painter”
Moira MacDougal – “Descent”
Sharon Fagan McDermott – “And After we Failed One Another, I Attempted
to Find Love Again”
Sarah Merrow – “Mountain Leadership School”
Gail Newman – “Homecoming”
Mary Winegarden – “John and Maggie Find their Way”



Pushcart Prize 2017 Nominees

Naugatuck River Review announces nominations
for the 2017 Pushcart Prize. Congratulations!

Destiny O. Birdsong for “Mythicana”

Kristi Carter for “One Orange Streak of Day”

Howard Faerstein for “Splintering”

Lupita Eyde-Tucker for “Año Viejo”

alyssa hanna for “Amphioctopus marginatus”

Joshua Michael Stewart for “Visiting my Mother in the Nursing Home for the First Time”