Naugatuck River Review’s 11th Narrative Poetry Contest Results!

Here are the winners, finalists, and semi-finalists from Naugatuck River Review’s 11th annual narrative poetry contest, judged by Lauren K. Alleyne. Winners, finalists and semi-finalists’ poems will be published in NRR’s winter/spring 2020 issue, due in January.

Prize Winners:

First Prize ($1000) 
Jane C. Miller for “DNA Test to Identify Victim of 1944 Hartford Circus Fire”

Second Prize ($250)
Kristen Smith for

Third Prize ($100)
Ken Holland for “Summer of the Gods”
John Blair
Frances Donovan
Susan Gubernat
Lorraine Jeffrey
Judy Kaber
Bert C. Klotz
Scott Lowery
Jed Meyers
Tracy Mishkin
Karen Poppy
Matthew Spireng
Alison Carb Sussman
Joanna White
Martin Willitts, Jr.
Lee Woodman
Bill Wunder

Liz Ahl
Megan Blankenship
Michael Gaspeny
Garrett Ray Harriman
Kristin MacIntyre
M.B. McLatchey
Christopher Shipman
JC Sulzenko

Pushcart Nominations

Naugatuck River Review announces our nominations for the 2019 Pushcart Prize:

From issue 21:

torrin a. greathouse for “Ode to the First Time I Wore a Dress & My Mother Did Not Flinch”

Scott T. Hutchison for “Skeleton in the Bittersweet”

Samuel Piccone for “A History of Marriage”

From issue 22:

Paul David Adkins for “Reflections on the 1967 Detroit Uprising: Floyd McKissick was asked, ‘What does the negro want?'”

Janlori Goldman for “Suicide”

Ruth Smullin for “Yellow”