Inaugural Issue of Naugatuck River Review Is Here!

The Winter 2008 issue of Naugatuck River Review features the following poets (in no particular order):

Jenn Monroe, Edward Byrne, Dane Kuttler, Kimberley Ann Rogers, Bonnie Enes, Jay Udall, Issa M. Lewis, Ernie Wormwood, Stephen Lindow, Monica Hand, Earl J. Wilcox, Louis E. Bourgeois, Stephan Delbos, Jenny Doughty, David M. Harris, Michael Lee Johnson, Suzy Lamson, Anne Britting Oleson, Tim Mayo, Dorine Jennette, Jacob Uitti, Danielle Martello, Roderick Bates, Renee K. Nicholson, Michael Fisher, Frederick Lord, Beverly R. Titus, Martha Hayes, Christine Hamm, Karen G. Johnston, Sheila Nickerson, Allen Braden, Derek Sheffield, Tayve Neese, John Flynn, Adam Grabowski, Ellen LaFleche, N.C. Haiduck, Jason Venner, Roberta Burnett, Christel Warren, Laura Rodley, Roy Scheele, Tommy Twilite and Oonagh Doherty.


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