Summer 2009 Issue of Naugatuck River Review is here!

Announcing the release of Issue 2, Summer 2009 Naugatuck River Review!

Naugatuck River Review Summer 2009

Naugatuck River Review Summer 2009

This is a double issue, featuring poems by Oonagh Doherty, Ellen LaFleche, Kimberley Ann Rogers, Lea Rogers-Rich, Michelle Galo, Martin Willitts Jr., Graham Burchell, Jose Gouveia, Laurie Junkins, Elizabeth Oakes, Kristin Berkey-Abbott, Kim Mahler, Cheryl Boyce-Taylor, Patrick Chapman, Jessica Bane-Robert, Kathleen Tyler, Ruth Foley, Jules Gibbs, Lana Hechtman-Ayers, Taylor Mali, Keith Leonard, Jessie Carty, Jane Rosenberg LaForge, Erika Lutzner, James D. Autio, Maude Larke, Caleb Barber, Mary Alexandra Agner, Jill Wickham, Steven Riel, Roderick Bates, Terry Lucas, Maggie Schwed, Jesse S. Fourmy, Melinda Palacio, Jeff Friedman, Daniel Lockhart, Douglas Piccinnini, Kevin Cutrer, John Minczeski, Truth Thomas, Laura Cherry, James Penha, Anita Gallers, Suzy Lamson, Carol Dorf, William Doreski, Marie-Elizabeth Mali, Steven A. Rozwenc, Octavio Quintanilla, April Nicotera, Monica Hand, Danny Ross, Randolyn Zinn, Lou Amyx, Katherine Solomon, Tommy Twilite, Michael Shorb, Jeff Streeby, Diane Lockward, Leslea Newman, Will Nixon, Alex Cigale, Milton Ehrlich, Davide Trame, Lynnie Gobeille, Laura Newton, Ira Sukrungruang, Joseph Hutchison, Ashley Jenkins, Nellie Hill, Naomi Neal, Jack Powers, Christina Lovin, Lance Le Grys, Howard Faerstein, Jenn Blair, John Byrne, M.K. Meder, Amy Unsworth, Kenneth Markee, Darla Himeles, Pamela Uschuk, KH Solomon, Christine Stark, Renata McCormish, Jendi Reiter, Michael Meyerhofer, Terry Ann Thaxton, Alan King, Joanne Lowery, Floyd Cheung, Mark J. Mitchell, Martina Robinson, Melanie Faith, Lisa J. Cihlar, Deb Baker, KB Ballentine, Jeanne Julian, Anne Britting Oleson, Ray Liversidge, Jeanann Verlee, Laurie Ann Guerrero, Shaindel Beers, Jim Koger, Maggie Greene, and Sally Bellerose.

Go to our Subscription page above to order two issues of NRR for only $20, or go to to order individual issues for $16.63 plus shipping.

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