4th Annual Narrative Poetry Contest Winners, Finalists and Semi-Finalists

Here is the list of winners, finalists and semi-finalists in NRR’s 4th annual Narrative Poetry Contest. Our judge this year was Pamela Uschuk. All will be published in Naugatuck River Review’s Winter/Spring 2013 issue. Congratulations!

First Prize
Diane Lockward “Original Sin”

Second Prize
Doug Ramspeck “Idle Signs”

Third Prize
Bianca Diaz  “The Light in the Dark”

Lauren K. Alleyne  “Dear Christopher”
John Victor Anderson  “El Lagarto”
Lana Hechtman Ayers  “In My Dreams I Draw Circles But None Of Their Edges Touch”
Wendy Burbank  “Frederick”
Judith Waller Carroll  “Pas de Deux”
Beth Copeland  “Blue Honey”
Maureen Tollman Flannery  “Selling the Ranch”
Veronica Golos  “China Town Fish Market, New York, Circa Unknown”
Paul Hostovsky  “Del Nelmezzo”
Brenna LeMieux  “On Mending”
Mary Leonard  “Tel Aviv Sonnet”
Taylor Mali   “What the Whispering Means”
Thomas R. Moore   “Pinus Strobus”
Roger Pfingston  “Divorce”
Gail Thomas    “Flame”
Lauren Wolk   “Wolf Hollow, Pennsylvania”
Lisa Wujnovich   “Cynthia”

David Anderson  “The Wall”
Charles Atkinson  “Early Retirement Letter to my Son, Below Tioga Pass”
Kim Baker “Breakfast at the 6A Café”
Jenna Bazzell   “Bubba’s Pub”
Rose Mary Boehm    “On the way to Condor Crossing”
Joanne Clarkson    “Wound and Stone”
Elizabeth Cohen   “University of the Trees”
Dan Collins  “Primary Lateral Discussion”
Kevin Conner  “Translating”
Grace Curtis  “Zebra Finch”
Pat Daneman   “Married”
Dorothy DiRienzi   “New Jersey Pine Barrens 1990”
William Doreski   “Fishing Camp”
George Drew   “Like Orpheus: An Intimate History”
Mary Dingee Fillmore   “Mella, An Accountant From Austria”
Donna Fleischer   “Your Closet:
Rebecca T. Fremo  “After the Fall”
Susan Glassmeyer   “I Can’t Stop Thinking About The Accordion”
James Haines   “At Patsy’s Barbershop”
Margaret Hoehn    “Ophelia Thinks of Hamlet in a Poem that Does Not Contain the Word Madness”
Tony Howarth      “Without a Compass”
Lynne Knight        “The Garden”
Lisa Krueger   “What She Felt”
Christina Lovin   “Waiting for Someone”
Bruce McCandless   “The Atcheson Horror”
Patricia McMillen    “Time Share at the Dells”
Richard Mitchell    “Seasoning”
Joel Moscowitz       “While Shaving”
F G Mulkey                 “Peking Palace”
Cynthia Neely           “My Father Took Each Dying Bird”
E R Olsen                      “But for Grace”
Martin Ott                     “Night Sports”
Marcia Popp                 “Above it All”
Joanna Scandiffio       “Hamptons 1900’s – when nothing happened”
Peter Schireson           “Recovery”
Leona Sevick                 “Fathers and Sons”
Marcia Slatkin                “Song to the Earth: Sweat-Lodge”
Kerry Trautman            “The Argyle Building Fire”
Margaret Von Steinen    “On the Porch, Indiana”
Valerie Wallace                “Something”
Karen Weyant                    “Sanctuary”
Martin Willitts Jr.          “View of Arles with Irises”
Anne Harding Woodworth   “The First Amahl”
Gerald Yelle             “It’s Your Money”
James K. Zimmerman    “Pablo”

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