6th Annual Narrative Poetry Contest Results!

Congratulations to all winners, finalists and semi-finalists in Naugatuck River Review’s 6th Annual Narrative Poetry Contest. All the following poets will be published in Naugatuck River Review’s Winter 2015 issue. Thank you to Monica Hand for judging the contest!

Prize Winners:
Virginia Shreve         Tintype  1st Prize ($1000 plus publication in NRR’s Winter 2015 issue)
Renny Golden           A Line Breaking  2nd prize   ($250 plus publication)
Matt Pasca                 Mexico Nights are so Black  3rd prize ($100 plus publication)


Catee Baugh               Lir’s Children
Jeffrey P. Beck           Castor and Pollux
Janet Chalmers            At the Museum of Never Forgetting
Francine Conley          Refinement
Susan Deer Cloud       Renegade Cemetery
Dante Di Stefano        Last Rites
Phillip Egelston           The Fox
Jonathan Greenhause  By the River Sur
Luisa A. Igloria           Camellia Japonica
Brock Jones                 Insomnia
Sharon McDermott     Letter to my Father
Abby E. Murray          Apology for My Thirteenth Year
David Meischen          Another Kind of Answer
Kate Peterson              Lara
Barbara Rockman       Onto Her Tatooed Back, Bedtime Story I Tell My Daughter
Rose M. Smith            The Harbinger
Karen J. Weyant         The Girl on the Fire Escape


Micki Blenkush           Nests
Ann Clark                   History Lesson
Rupert Fike                 On the Hospital’s Top Floor
Julie Green                  Concert 2 p.m., Free
Carol Kanter               What’s Made All the Difference
Lucas Khan                 My Sister’s Perfume
J. David Liss               In the Home
Melissa Lorio              Jones
M.B. McLatchey         The Bath
Joel Moskowitz           My Father Remembers a Ninth Street Sabbath
Roger Pfingston          Mother’s Day
Susan Rothbard          Back Then
Cecil Sayre                  The Piano
Penelope Scambly Schott       Murderer
Carla Schwartz            Late for Dinner
Elizabeth Stoessl         Tool Chest
T. Stores                      Bears
Gary Whited               The Day the Milk Cow Kicked the Bucket
Marie Wise                  My Grandmother Glitters


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