7th Annual Narrative Poetry Contest Results!

Congratulations to all winners, finalists and semi-finalists in Naugatuck River Review’s 7th Annual Narrative Poetry Contest. Here is a list of winners and finalists who will be published in Naugatuck River Review’s Winter 2016 issue. There are around 40 semi-finalists as well. Thank you to Patricia Fargnoli for judging the contest!

Prize Winners and Poems:
Cheryl Buchanan      Teaching Persuasion Under Surveillance  1st Prize ($1000 plus publication in NRR’s Winter 2016 issue)
Janet Greenberg        Twelve Lines  2nd prize   ($250 plus publication)
Beth Paulson               Still Life with Oranges  3rd prize ($100 plus publication)

Finalists and Poems:

Cristina J. Baptista     Workers
Roy Bentley                 The Elegy of All Undefended Flesh
Anthony DeGregorio     Fathers
Rebecca Ellis             My Father’s Life Kicks into Reverse
Robert Fanning         My Father Watches His Daughter Taken Away
Melanie Figg             Learning to Speak
Beth Filson                 One Night There Was Music
Tzivia Gover              At the Midnight Diner
Marie Kane                 Field Guide to Killing a Scorpion
Howard Kogan           Homers
Leonard Kress           Graveyard-Shift
Moira MacLean-Wideman   A How-To on Blooming Bellies
Jennifer Martelli       Peasant Pie, Devil’s Tooth
Ashley Memory          The Murder House at Sweetwater Ridge
Paul Portuges            Blood
Gail Thomas               Alchemy
Jeanne Wagner          The Perseids

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