Narrative Poetry Contest Winners!

Our first narrative poetry contest has concluded. Lesléa Newman chose the winners from what turned out to be a very competitive field of poets. Congratulations to all the winners, finalists and semi-finalists, all of whom will be published in Naugatuck River Review’s winter 2010 issue.  All poets who submitted to the contest will receive a copy of the winter 2010 issue.

First Place ($1000)  – Thomas Moore for “Calving in Te Awamutu”

Second Place ($250)  –  Jeanne Julian for “The Lucky Spoon”

Third Place ($100) – Kathryn Neel for “Resume”
Finalists (in alphabetical order):

Carol Bachofner – “Mother is Transformed By Cancer and I Need To Know Details” and “Homestead”
Lynne Frances  –  “Recipes for the Sick”
David Giannini  –  “A Grandson Remembers a Scene when he was Seven at His Grandparents’ House”
Jose Gonzalez  –  “At the Obituary Interview” and “Dirtied Gauzes”
Constance Hall  – “Pneumonia 1945”
Rebecca Howell  –  “How to Build a Root Cellar”
Dane Kuttler  –  “Shifra the Midwife Speaks to the Protesters Outside Planned Parenthood”
Sharon Fagan McDermott  –  “Split Level”
Allegra Mira  –  “Upon Finding My Sister’s Barbie Dolls on the Floor of the Shower, 1999”
Kathryn Neel  –  “The Day They Marched On Selma”
Georgia Pearle  –  “Grandma and the Grasshopper”
Doug Ramspeck  –  “Moon Mud”
Jon Seaman  –  “Big Mike”
M.E. Silverman  –  “Begins With No”
Robin Solit  –  “When Men Were All Amiss”
Ellen Waterston  –  “Mothering-Up”


Janet Barry – “Destination”
Nina Bayer – “Jack’s Bar”
Barbara Benoit – “Making Love After Illness, After Argument”
Jeff Bernstein – “A Short Guide to the Proper Treatment of Maryland Blue Crabs”
Sharon Charde – “Mother of Dead Son Gets His Bones Back After Twenty Years”
Angie Chuang – “Tet Lion Dance”
Gineen Cooper – “Late Words to my Sister”
Andrea Cousins – “Dressing”
Pat Daneman  – “Another Story”
Lorene Delaney-Ullman – “Itinerary”
Jenny Doughty – “Wreckage”
Ed Frankel – “Farbende”
Kearvelle Friedman – “The Flying Tomato”
Genevieve Goffman – “Alligator Girl”
Jessica Greenbaum – “Marriage Made in Brooklyn”
Pat Hale – “The Man in the Basement”
Monica Hand – “Door of No Return: African-American Burial Ground…”
Maryanne Hannan – “Sail On, Silver Girl”
Anne Hasenstab – “Southernmost Sunset”
Mary-Catherine Jones – “20 Minutes Too Late”
Christina Lovin – “Cry Babies”
Donald Lowe – “Short Story”
Terry Lowe – “Cowboy, Five Years Old”
Shanna Miller McNair – “Dreaming of Mr. Rojas”
Joel Moscowitz – “My Cousin’s Baseball Bat Accident”
Sam Rasnake – “ A Certainty and Not the Poem I Meant to Write”
Jendi Reiter – “Barbie at 50”
Victoria Rivas – “Doing Laundry”
Martina Robinson – “Gemini”
Laura Rodley – “Rebel”
Paula Sayword – “What of Us”
Penelope Schott – “How I Scare Myself”
Wendy Green Simpson – “Carefully”
Katherine Solomon – “Sweet Basil”
Christina Svane – “Angelo’s Truckstop Café”
Ruth Thompson – “In My Grandmother’s Garden”
Dianalee Velie – “Kissing Marilyn Monroe’s Crypt”
Jason Venner – “Bisbee AZ”
Margaret Walther – “Green Shingles”
Susan Wolbarst – “Trust”
Andy Young – “Winter Solstice”

Congratulations to All!

Lori Desrosiers and Editors
Oonagh Doherty, Ellen LaFleche, Sally Bellerose

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