Naugatuck River Review’s 8th Annual Narrative Poetry Contest Results!

Naugatuck River Review 8th Annual Narrative Poetry Contest Results:
Our judge this year was Tara Betts. Congratulations to all the poets!
1st prize won $1000, 2nd prize won $250, 3rd prize won $100
All winners, finalists and semi-finalists will be published in the Winter/Spring 2017 contest issue of Naugatuck River Review, issue 17.

First Prize – Destiny O. Birdsong for “Mythicana”
Second Prize – Kristi Carter for “One Orange Streak of Day”
Third Prize – Howard Faerstein for “Splintered”


Lesley Jenike  – “The World Goes By My Cage and Never Hears Me”
William Moorhead – “Behind their Eyes”
Nancy Fowler – “An ocean too wide to be bridged”
Micki Blenkush – “Sergeant Kyle Returns from Afghanistan”
Kathleen Smith – “Rough Cut”
Lisa Drnec Kerr – “Starry Messenger”
LeRoy Sorenson – “In a Black Year”
Erin Redfern – “San Jose Family Camp (1989)”
Paula Mahon – “Preparing the temple lintel”
Alan Michael Parker – “The Ride”
Jessi Lewis – “Should I Draw the Mountain For You?”
Anne Riesenberg – “Or”
Suzanne Edison – “Accompanied Corpus”
Renny Christopher – “Ciutadella Park, Barcelona, in Spring”
Jason Morphew – “Winery”
Cindy Stewart-Rinier – “Seven Degrees from Verticle”
Gretchen Berg – “Mountain View”


Rebecca Olander – “What I Remember about Heidi”
James Crews – “Carrying the Moon”
Jodi Hottell – “Monday, Tuesday”
Judy Kaber – “Unity Woman Killed in Route 137 Crash”
Janet Bowdoin – “Desmond Hits the Biscuit Factory”
Rebecca Ellis – “Pageant at an Orphanage”
Pat Hale – “A Brief History of Everything”
David Leff – “Turkey Hunting”
James Cahillane – “Almost Home”
Shirley Brewer – “Coming of Age in Wegman’s”
Anthony Tao – “Baby Rabbit”
Rose Mary Boehm – “Guilt”
Laura Foley – “Message from the Beyond”
Grace Curtis – “Orange Moth”
Susan Rothbard – “Salty”
Gina Ferrara – “Seeing Psycho for the First Time”
Kristin Laurel – “Inheritance”
Ken Holland – “What Happened After the Before”
Vernita Hall – “Bop: Major League”
Kelsey Porada – “Edelweiss”
Darla Himeles – “On the Runaway Angus Bull the Stewarts Kindly Saved”



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