Naugatuck River Review 9th Annual Narrative Poetry Contest Results!

Naugatuck River Review 9th Annual Narrative Poetry Contest Results:
Our judge this year was Kaveh Akbar. Congratulations to all the poets!
1st prize won $1000, 2nd prize won $250, 3rd prize won $100

All winners, finalists and semi-finalists will be published in the Winter/Spring 2018 contest issue of Naugatuck River Review, issue 19.

First Prize – Gail Thomas for “Wisteria”
Second Prize – Scott Beal for “Dedicated to Neda and All Who Died”
Third Prize – Aaron Fischer for “Lives of the Saints”


Christine Beck  – “Two Characters in Search of a Story”
Terry Blackhawk – “A Springfield Ghazal”
Jeff Buddle – “Music in the Ashes”
Kathleen Corcoran “Family Fevers”
Anthony Dipietro – Wedding at Desert Princess Country Club, Cathedral City, CA”
Robbie Gamble – “Memo to the Border Patrol agent who poured out the water we left in the desert”
Susan Glassmeyer – “Biology 101”
Judy Kaber – “Where I Live”
Ashton Kamburoff – “Revising the Hexes”
David Meischen – “After a season without”
Sarah Merrow – “Bicycling Sharpsburg in July 2016”
Terri Muuss – “Chopping Wood”
Matt Pasca – “For Harriet, on the Eve of Surgery”
Joan Roberta Ryan – “Get your Licks on Rte 66”
Ellen McGrath Smith “Pink Afternoon”
David Sullivan – “Oracle Shells”
Gerald Yelle – “Morning Song for Robert J”


Janet Bowdan – “My cousin and the Kama Sutra Chocolates”
Lisa Marie Brodsky – “The Clear-Headed Lobotomy” 
Zoe Canner – “A Verdict”
Beth Copeland – “Second Sight”
Robert Eastwood – “Elbeth”
Nancy Fowler – “Tet Eve Wandering”
M.G. DeNike Gannon – “Deicing the Plane”
D.G. Geis – “Psalm 152”
Constance Hanstedt – “The Bath”
Gloria Heffernan – “Reading a Life”
Dianna Henning – “Where Have all the Fishermen Gone?”
Christine Higgins – “Imagine”
Jeanne Julian – “The Painter”
Moira MacDougal – “Descent”
Sharon Fagan McDermott – “And After we Failed One Another, I Attempted
to Find Love Again”
Sarah Merrow – “Mountain Leadership School”
Gail Newman – “Homecoming”
Mary Winegarden – “John and Maggie Find their Way”



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